14 Days Later…

So, when we first started taking these tests, we had our little panic moment when we realized that they could possibly be picking up the hCG trigger shot that I was given two weeks ago. I did some research online, and I read that the average time it takes to metabolize is 1000iu per day. I was given 10,000iu, so it’s safe to assume 10 days. I had also read that some women were reporting getting false positives up to 14 days past their trigger shots. Because of this possibility (even though I tested negative within 11 days of the trigger last cycle) I have really been holding out for a strong positive on day 14, and I’ve been watching my lines to make sure that they are not fading out.

Here are the tests I took on days 9-11 past iui (days 11-13 past the trigger)

And here is the test I took this morning, 12 days past iui and 14 days past the trigger.

I think it’s safe to say that we’re positive!

I have still been having a REALLY hard time sleeping, so I end up on my phone all night reading blogs and articles I find on Pinterest or reading message boards about implantation bleeding and trigger shots. Unfortunately, being too informed can be a bit of a curse in that every little thing that you feel starts to play tricks on you! I think right now I’m stuck on chemical pregnancy… it’s so early on that it’s possible that this baby could just not continue to grow, causing a miscarriage before anything would have been able to be seen on an ultrasound. These are usually due to chromosomal issues. I keep reminding myself that the progesterone that I’m taking is there to support the lining of my uterus and keep that baby where he or she belongs! Basically, if my lines begin to fade, we’ll know something is wrong.

Also, has anyone watched crash test videos of babies in car seats? I was reading this blog last night and it was the 8 deadliest ways mothers misuse a car seat, and there are some pretty scary statistics out there! I’ll have to find the link to the lady’s blog. Yikes.

So, other than that, we are just waiting around. Ashley says she wants me to have a blood  test so we can see the levels in my blood. This can also give us an early indication of how many babies I’m carrying. I told her I wanted to wait for at least 15 days dpt so we could be 100% sure the blood test wouldn’t pick up the trigger, so she’s scheduling the appointment for tomorrow. I’ll let everyone know what happens!

Until then…

Devan and baby


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