We have an announcement to make…

As you all know, we went through with our 10th insemination about two weeks ago. This was the second insemination since we lost Rohen, and we were just desperately crossing our fingers and hoping that this one would be it for us… On Saturday, we finally got to see the little line we have missed so much.


Today, Ashley is four weeks pregnant. Though most people would choose to wait until later in their pregnancy to announce, we decided that now was the right time. Since the very beginning, we have been raw and honest here with the best of the best and the worst of the worst, and we will continue in that tradition no matter where this journey leads us. The support and love that we have found from sharing our struggles on this blog has been so incredible, and we want to continue to share every step along the way. The weight of sorrow that we have carried with us for the last four months is finally lightened by the prospect of this amazing new life. We are so overjoyed with the anticipation of welcoming our second beautiful child!

Blood work today showed that Ashley’s levels are right on target for 4 weeks, and are even a tiny bit on the high side (I am crossing my fingers for twins!) So far, so good! We will of course keep everyone posted through each appointment and update. Our first ultrasound to see the heartbeat will be on Rohen’s due date, May 14th.

Again, we owe so much to all of you for the never-ending love and support you have shown us. We love you all very much!

– Devan and Ashley



5 thoughts on “We have an announcement to make…

  1. kuricuriosities says:

    Oh! Congrats, congrats! Will be keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for the health of Ashley and the little one! I think you both are very brave and I admire you greatly. Also, love the final pic of your fancy guard dog 😛

    • Devan Davis says:

      Thank you!! We are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves! Haha, Lennon is a great dog… We torture her as much as possible to get her ready for life with a kid in the house 😀

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