23 Weeks!!

How far along? 23 Weeks!

My babies are the size of: Not just any Mango, a LARGE Mango
Net weight gain: According to the doctor yesterday my total weight gain thus far is 4lbs. I am still down 6lbs pre-pregnancy weight.

Maternity clothes: Yes
Sleep: Hips are really the only thing that bother me, a friend is donating her snoogle to me, I will get it this weekend and hopefully that makes a difference!

Best Moment this week: FINISHING THE NURSERY!!!! AMAZING!

Miss Anything: Beer!

Movement: Every day, I love every second of it – WE SAW THEM MOVE TOO! My stomach was rolling around, it was amazing!

Food Cravings: Nothing really right now, but I’m not hungry give me a few hours lol

Anything making you queasy or sick: I’m feeling good!

Gender:  B&G

Labor Signs: Nope, just the Braxton hicks and our doc says that is OK and normal as long as I am not in any pain!

Happy or Moody most of the time: I am on cloud 9

Weekly Wisdom: Be happy!
Looking forward to: Meeting with our landlord to discuss the floor replacement this weekend.


23 weeks, how are you here already? We are going to have two babies in less than 100 days, how incredible. We saw the OB yesterday and she is pleased with everything. Our little man is measuring in the 67th percentile while our little lady is in the 46th percentile. She said there is an 8% size difference which is perfectly fine, and that everything looks GREAT. I have only gained 4lbs thus far, and when I brought it up she said “You are pregnant with twins and have only gained 4lbs, don’t question it, shit!” We absolutely love her – I don’t know why but Devan and I trust people more when they swear. Dr. B said that we will know around 30/32 weeks if I will need a C-section or not – she said if they’re breach around that time it’s very unlikely they will turn around because they won’t have a lot of room – at that point I will schedule a c-section if need be, and have an ultra sound right before to confirm they’re still breach since a c-section is not my ideal way to deliver. When she brought the heart doppler out she found Harper right away but little Elliott was squirming around in there like a crazy person, Dr. B referred to him as a “little shit” LOL! All in all the appointment went very well and our little babies are doing spectacular! My next appointment in early October will be a long appointment – I do my first glucose test, I’m hoping I pass the 1 hour test so I don’t have to go through the 3 hour test!


Devan already wrote a post all about the nursery construction you can read that HERE and see all of the pictures. I wanted to touch on it too. We had such a GREAT weekend. Michael was in town and agreed to help us with the nursery. It made me sad that he and Jeffrey moved to Utah because we had so much fun it reminded me of old times. The four of us have been through some shit together as friends and we always see it through – I couldn’t be happier about that. We spent the weekend renovating, playing bingo, going to a bar for our brother in laws 25th birthday and eating until we hated ourselves. While we were at the bar I was introduced to a young lady that was sucking down a cigarette – I was then told “she is the one who is newly pregnant” without being able to contain myself I said “YOU’RE PREGNANT, DID YOU WANT ME TO GET YOU A BEER TOO?” Whoops, my bitchiness came out but oh well. I just thought of all of you, about how you would give up a lung to have a baby and this bitch is sucking down cancer while she was carrying the gift of life inside of her.

On to a more positive thing, while Devan and Michael were priming the floors I went with Lisa and Kaitlyn to goodwill and got an entire maternity outfit for $10.00! Score! The pants I bought were even a size smaller than the ones I paid $50 for at Motherhood – same brand though! (Ignore our messy room)


Lisa and Kaitlyn also made Harper & Elliott these sick onesies – they’re so sweet, and are already spoiling the shit out of these babies.


 I couldn’t ask for better friends! Devan’s mom just texted me with a picture of a laundry basket full of baby blankets, wash cloths, socks etc. saying “Grandma has added to her stock!” How the hell did we get so lucky?! Our babies are coming into a world full of more love than anyone could ask for.


Here are some other pictures I snapped this weekend — A picture of the clothes hanging up in the nursery (all of the shorts and what not have now been put in an organizer until we buy our dresser!)

IMG_2383 IMG_2384

These sick crab shoes I bought for $2 at Babies R Us for when we go to the lake, it matched perfectly with this outfit…


Baby Kimball and Elliott striking the same pose – NO PICTURES PLEASE!!! ❤


And lastly, 23 week baby bump, I’m having a bad hair day today 😦





21 thoughts on “23 Weeks!!

  1. ladyloveandbabydust says:

    Question…random too sorry. How large are your breasts pre-pregnancy and now? I ask cause my wife has very large breasts and is always talking about her fear if pregnancy and breast feeding because of them. I was wondering how your dealing with that scenario?

  2. myhopejar says:

    Love the update hon, and holy crap! Only 4 lbs with twins!! I’m 2 days behind you with a single and I’m already up 12 lbs! I’m told I have a chunky monkey in there that’s measuring a week ahead, but still! You’re my hero! I saw Devan’s post about the nursery! Looks great! So excited to see the final product with all the furniture and decor!

    As for the smoking pregnant girl. Don’t even get me started. A friend of mine who I love but have had to seriously rethink my friendship with over the past few months is the stupidest person on the planet and smoked all through her pregnancy and just delivered her son a month early because he was measuring small and in distress. I’m so angry with her for putting herself and her baby through this. I never realized how bad her addiction was until she couldn’t quit during her pregnancy. I practically begged her to quit months ago, and she still didn’t. She knows what I’ve been through. It’s such a slap in the face, that she could have had a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, and chose to make it unhealthy and put the health of her baby at risk. It got to the point where I couldn’t talk to her for the past two months because of her selfish and horrible decisions, but after the scare this past weekend and her emergency delivery, I feel horrible, because I do love her and never wanted any of this for her. I’m just so sad and mad that I was right and this happened. What’s worse is her pregnancy was not planned. Why is the universe so cruel? I really want to talk about it on my blog, but it’s a public blog and she reads it. I might do a password protected post about it at some point… but honestly, it really hurts me to even write about it here. Her little boy is fine now, but I wonder what health problems and other developmental issues he’ll have as he grows up. It just breaks my heart. Anyway, sorry for that major downer, I guess I needed to get this out after all.

    • ashley72788 says:

      I know! I had the same issue with an old co-worker and a few family members many people not only smoking cigarettes BUT WEED too! Like what the hell, seriously? You don’t deserve a child if you can’t sacrifice your nasty habit for 10 months.

      • takaherva says:

        I chewed out an old friend because she was smoking weed around her daughter. Like, dude, do what you want on your own time but in the same room as your 9 month old????? Apparently she had smoked her whole pregnancy and it “calmed the baby down so why not continue with her outside the womb?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

      • ashley72788 says:

        Yep, I know more people that smoked weed during their pregnancy then I know didn’t. It is so ridiculous – these people can’t quit their habit for 10 months? Devan and I used to love the green smoke, but guess what – we decided to become parents and that means we grow the hell up. A vegas trip down the road? Maybe – but while I have my kids – HELL NO! I wouldn’t be getting drunk around them, why in the world would I think getting high would be OK. Ay ay, people these days!

  3. beckdogenator says:

    Oh my goodness 4 lbs… I have gained 31 at 25 weeks! (The doctor’s scale must be broken, only logical explanation.) I love all the clothes you have for them, we haven’t quite gotten there yet, but we have the big stuff set up. I am glad you made the beer comment, maybe it made her think about what she is doing to herself and baby. Looking good sweets!

  4. Amy M. says:

    So glad things are going so well! I would love that Dr too, she sounds awesome…like just a regular person, not a stuck-up “I’m better than you because I have Dr in front of my name” type! Love all the pics you (both) post, and all the good news. So happy for you guys!!

  5. takaherva says:

    I snorted when I got the “large mango” measurement as well. Lily has been getting called a “little shit” by me since week 8 but my ultrasound techs have both called her stubborn now lol! She wouldn’t stop moving at 18 weeks then wouldn’t move at 23 weeks.. She knows exactly what people want from her so she does the opposite. Ah, I love her. I LOVE those crab shoes! Too cute :]

  6. TheChroniclesofaNonBellyMama says:

    Those crab shoes are freaking awesome!!!! When Elliot outgrows them ,you can send them this way! LOL! And girl, don’t get me started on those women that smoke through their pregnancies. It has to be the most annoying thing to me! Like you said, the shit can’t wait a few months? Trust me, it wont be the first or last sacrifice you make for you kids. Its irritating. And we feel the same way about people who cuss! Our OB, first visit, says to me, “And who the hell are you?” “Im the other mom” “Oh well, shit! I fucked up! Nice to meet you other mom!” We were won over! I mean, i curse like a sailor and it takes quite the effort to hide it, so can you imagine what else kinda other shit they are hiding?? Exactly! if they curse, they are ok in my book!

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