We are at registration at labor and delivery right now, c-section is going down ASAP! Babies aren’t in distress but they have both fallen even more behind, so it’s time. Updates to come… Holy crap! We are going to have these kids tonight!


24 thoughts on “IT’S TIME!

  1. dreamsandrainbows820 says:

    OMG, I’m right with Molly. I got the chills reading this. I am so happy for you ladies!!! I wish you ALL the best of luck and will be thinking of Harper and Elliott tonight! Hoping for a safe easy delivery and healthy babes. 🙂 Good luck, sweets! ❤

  2. AndiePants says:

    Holy wow! So exciting (and so glad the timing with your shower and floors and other prep happened in the nick of time!) Sending you love and calm and peace!! ❤

  3. Shannon says:

    Good Luck…congratulations…how exciting…happy positive thoughts….all those wonderful things. Can not wait to hear about it and see pictures of the precious babies.

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