Long and Overdue Update

Hello Everyone,

I am actually posting an UPDATE not a picture update, are you as surprised as I am? Life has taken over and I am so sorry for the lack of communication. I miss weekly blogging and really wish I had the time to put back into it. I am making it a priority. Life is good guys, it really is. We moved out of our house in June and have been squatting at my mom’s house until we found another place to live. I’m happy to say we are moving mid next month into a beautiful condo that will be perfect for our little family.

Both Devan and I started school yesterday and I’m really excited to finally get a degree…I’m determined to stick to it! Work is going great for both of us, the job I started in March after I had the babies has been the greatest career move to date. I took a pay cut when I started here but I felt that this company really had something to offer and I was right! My supervisor has been mentoring me for the past 5 months and after a lot of hard work I was offered the Team Lead position last week. This is a huge step for me career wise and I couldn’t be more grateful for my company giving me a chance when I’ve only been there for 5 months.

And of course our wonderful kids…these kids are THE BEST!!! I might be a little biased but I am just so in love with them. They both have such amazing personalities already and I love watching them learn and grow every day.

Elliott: This kid, first off, is the MOST DRAMATIC little dude I’ve ever met. He is going to be so sensitive and SUCH a mommas boy (like he had an option haha). He continues to impress us every day, he is on the verge of walking. He stands and walks around furniture all day long and gets into EVERYTHING he can get his little hands on. He is obsessed with food, he straight up begs when we are eating. He will sit there and whine until I give him a taste of what I have. He is a fantastic sleeper but will fight naps like he will miss everything if he closes his eyes. He loves his sister, when we put them to bed he will move close to her and put a hand on her and fall right asleep. On the other end of that, he is a typical brother and will binky and toy steal all day long. Elliott weighs 19lbs and wears 9-12 month clothes (I thought my kids were preemies?)

Harper: My sweet princess, she really is just a precious little lady. Harper is the absolute opposite of her brother. She will entertain herself and play with toys without needing to be held or bothered. She is still delayed physically but is meeting all other milestones perfectly. We have her in weekly therapy and right now their main concern are her little legs. She is showing signs of leg weakness so we are working on strengthening them. She currently drags herself and is working towards a full crawl. She stands up great when she is in her walker or jumparoo and can even maneuver around the house in it! This girl is so observant. She will take a toy and examine it for 20 minutes, it is so amazing to watch because you know her little brain is taking in everything! Like her brother she loves food and also begs. She has two teeth (brother has none) and chomps away at all sorts of snacks! Harper is also an excellent sleeper and does a lot better with naps as well. She LOVES her brother and the dogs…there have been many times you see her cracking up and one of the dogs is sitting there scratching their ear – she thinks its hilarious! Harper weighs 16 lbs and wears 6-9 month clothes!

That is life in a nutshell guys, I miss you all and have been following along with all of your blogs even though I haven’t been posting much!!



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