We suck at blogging!

GUYS! I hate that we don’t blog anymore! I want to do it weekly again and I’m kicking myself in the ass for not doing it! It is such a neat way to document and I have barely done it since the kids got out of the NICU!! I still get online and check out your blogs daily and love hearing all of the updates!

We have been doing really well. The kids turned 11 months on 10/8 and we have started planning their FIRST BIRTHDAY! How does this happen!?! Time FLIES, everyone tells you it does but you don’t realize how quickly until its happening to you!!

We’ve decided to do a sesame street themed birthday party – we don’t allow the kids to watch much TV but they get about 10 minutes every morning to enjoy Sesame Street and they LOVE it. We designed our own invitations in Photoshop and once we get them out to everyone I’ll post a picture of them, I’m pretty proud of us for creating them! I also ordered a bunch of decorations and party supplies on amazon and I’m so excited to start planning games and snacks!

Mr. Elliott is WALKING, he has been standing freely for a little over a month and about two weeks ago took a step for us and again for Grandma. He is now consistently walking 5-10 steps at a time but prefers crawling still as he is much faster. He is so handsome and I love his little personality. He is a mommas boy, loves to be cuddled and LOVES getting into things. He can wave, clap and shake his head NO (of course he can’t shake his head YES, surprise surprise) He babbles constantly and we are working on getting him to say “mama” – no real success so far. This little guy loves everyone – around this age kids starting having social anxiety but not Elliott – he warms up to everyone right away! He lets anyone hold him and will snuggle up to you as long as you’re willing to pick him up. He is a little boy through and through – he is super messy when he eats and just acts like a little man.

Harpee is crawling like a crazy woman and has started to pull herself up as well – she acts more her adjusted age (9 months) so I don’t anticipate her walking for another few months. This little girl is SO smart. She says yeah yeah yeah, bye bye, blows kisses, shakes her head no & yes (good girl), claps, waves and I shit you not, the kid knows the signs for the itsy bitsy spider. She loves books and music and I think she is going to be really intelligent. She is very observant and does have social anxiety – if she doesn’t know you she will not be a happy camper if you were to pick her up. We made the decision to stop going to therapy for her because she screamed the entire visit and nothing was getting accomplished. We have accepted the fact that Harper does things in her own time. Every time we’ve had a concern with her we would be scared and then one day she would get it like she had been doing it all along. She did this with crawling and I imagine she will do the same thing with walking.

These kids are my greatest joy and I absolutely love watching them grow ❤

We took some pictures of them in their “my first Halloween” outfits and they’re so cute! Wednesday we are doing an actual photo shoot with them that I’m super excited for! I’ll post pics once we are done!

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment…I went through all of the pictures from all the Holidays since they were born and its pretty cool to see them grow!image8 image1 image3 image2 image5 image4 image6 image7 image10 image9



8 thoughts on “We suck at blogging!

  1. littlerainbowbug says:

    I struggle with it having one and a job that is 24 hours a week! It’s always a juggling act to get everything done that we want to, isn’t it? In other news, the kids look great, sounds like things are going swimmingly!

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