Yesterday was two years since Rohen died, today is 2 years since we were discharged from the hospital after he died and 1 year since we had both our babies home from the NICU. Timing was so odd with the twins, it was like their big brother was giving us hugs throughout the entire pregnancy. Here is a little timeline:

12/28/13 – Rohen was born sleeping
12/29/13 – We were discharged from the hospital after saying our goodbyes.
4/2014 – We got a positive pregnancy test
5/14/14 – Rohen’s due date if he made it. We had our first ultra sound this day and found out we were having twins.
11/8/14 – Harper & Elliott are born
12/8/14 – Elliott is discharged from the NICU
12/29/14 – Harper was discharged from the NICU

In one year, we said goodbye to one son and welcomed Harper & Elliott. Absolutely insane.

3 years

Losing a child is a wound that I don’t think ever truly heals. There are the good days where I think of him and am OK and then there are days where the pain is as severe as the day he was born. It seems like these days always happen near the holidays, the twins birthdays or any dates I associate with him. Today, Rohen would be 1 year and 7 months old. It is hard to think about a child that should be 19 months old running around happy and healthy only to realize he never made it past 20 weeks. He never got to run and play, say his first words, try birthday cake on his 1st birthday etc. The twins are almost 14 months old and I am so incredibly fortunate to have them, they truly are the greatest joy and gift in my life.

Celebrating Christmas with them was amazing, they were engaged and happy all day long and enjoyed every single one of their presents as well as the delicious food we ate all day. I am so excited to celebrate with them in the years to come and as they get older and gain a better understanding of what Christmas is all about.

Both of them are thriving and doing fantastic, we haven’t had bottles since they day they turned 1 and they took to their sippy cups without any issue. Elliott doesn’t say any words yet, except maybe ball…I haven’t decided if it is intentional yet. Harper can say ball, duck, dog, cat, ma, bath, boom and wow. I might be forgetting one or two words but she is definitely working on building her language! Harper still isn’t walking yet but will cruise the furniture and pull herself to standing. I’m not sure when she will walk but she definitely has crawling down! She is quick! Their doctor seemed concerned at their 1 year well visit that they weren’t talking but she may have forgotten that they were only 10 months adjusted at that time – I don’t think we have anything to worry about yet.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas ❤




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