30/31 Week Updates, Flooring Replacement, Baby Shower and the Nursery!

Wow, I am so behind! The last couple of weeks have been INSANE. I can’t believe we missed TWO weekly updates posts… Whoops! We had the flooring in our house replaced, both got sick with gnarly colds, had our baby shower and then completed our nursery (finally!). This post is obscenely long, I am sorry!

First, and most importantly, the babies are doing well. With everything going on, we missed our 30 and 31 week posts! We had two perinatologist appointments and an OB appointment and everything is stable. Two weeks ago, Harper was measuring in the 7th percentile (7.9 to be exact) and that was down from 8.5 two weeks before that. If she continues to fall behind, we will have a c-section to prevent her from going into distress or suffering from lack of nutrients. Going forward, we will have two appointments with our perinatologist per week. One will be an ultrasound for a biophysical profile and fatal doppler and the other will be a non-stress test. Every other week, we will measure them for growth. Tomorrow is a growth ultrasound, so we are hoping Harper is looking great. She was 2 lb, 12 oz two weeks ago and Elliott was 3 lb, 3 oz. Ashley met with our OB on Monday (it was the first time I’ve missed an appointment, I had to work) and the plan right now is to take them as soon as Harper falls any further behind. While so far things are great, we could potentially meet our kids tomorrow. It’s terrifying but also exciting! We are still aiming for 34 weeks for their safety, but everyone is just so happy that we have made it this far. 32 weeks is truly amazing considering the challenges these peanuts have faced, especially since there were points along the line when 24 weeks was the goal, then 28, then 32 and now finally 34. We are ready when they are!

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29 Weeks!

How far along? 29 Weeks

My babies are the size of: Butternut Squash

Net weight gain:  I gained 5 1/2 pounds in two weeks so I am finally at 0 pounds gained, but back at my pre-pregnancy weight. A total of 10 pounds gained back.

Maternity clothes: Yes

Sleep: Waking up to pee, a lot. Still have hip pain 😦 Oh and its 4:18am and I’m writing a blog, so…..not so good lol

Best Moment this week: SA

Miss Anything: Beer and sleeping on my tummy!

Movement: Yes, in fact one of them has the hiccups right now!

Food Cravings: Nothing really right now

Anything making you queasy or sick: Insane heartburn & the naseau has returned – not as bad as my first trimester but definitely back

Gender:  B&G

Labor Signs: Cervix is funneling, on mandatory bed rest for the time being. I feel like I am having braxton hicks contractions ALL THE TIME! Sometimes I will have them within 10 minutes of each other and then they will stop for hours, they’re SO annoying!!!! What is weird is I get them at night when I am sleeping – I will wake up to pee and as I fall back asleep will have them, I don’t know if it is from the change in movement from sleeping to getting up or what but either way its super annoying and I am hoping it doesn’t mean real labor is coming soon.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, almost all the time!

Weekly Wisdom: Be happy!

Looking forward to: Seeing the babies Wednesday & getting our flooring replaced this week!! The baby shower is a week from today and I am so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

We are almost there, a few more weeks (hopefully) and we will be holding our loves. I can’t believe we are one week away from our baby shower, I have been anticipating this for MONTHS! When we had our last ultra sound the perinatologist gave me labs to get drawn to find out if I have a clotting disorder. I’m super anxious to find out what the results are for many reason, but the main reason would be that it would have been the cause of Rohen’s death. No more saying it was a “freak accident” – there is a reason to it, and it could have been prevented, and more importantly can be prevented in the future. Our baby girl is starting to show similar signs of growth issues (no where near as severe) but she has been officially diagnosed with IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction) which basically means she falls below the 10% for growth (she was at 8.5% almost two weeks ago, she will be measured again Wednesday) I can’t lie, this scares the living shit out of me. Even though my doctor has reassured me many times that she is going to be OK, I can’t help but fear we will go to an ultra sound and find no heart beat. Obviously it is a lot different because I can feel her & she is viable at this point (with excellent survival odds as well) but it doesn’t stop me from being so worried about her. I am also scared about having a clotting disorder – does that mean at any point I could throw a clot and it could kill either baby? Sometimes I feel like they’d be safer if we just took them out, I hate it that the human body can be so miraculous and yet fail in so many ways as well. I just want to get past our baby shower and then really focus on their arrival. We haven’t bought much for them and now it feels silly because what if our baby shower doesn’t happen because they decide to take them out at our next appt…something we didn’t think about even being an issue. I am hanging on to hope that we will make it past 31 weeks and really aiming for 34 weeks – anything further than 34 would be incredible. Happy thoughts everyone, we want these cuties to keep cooking!! I did find out at my last OBGYN appointment that our doctor most likely won’t be delivering them (unless they make it past 36/37 weeks). I am 100% in agreement with this decision mainly because even if they aren’t coming until 35 weeks, Harper is measuring small and may need more care, because of this we are going to deliver at a different hospital that has a higher acuity NICU. I was worried about delivering at our original hospital because I thought there would be a chance of Elliott and I staying and Harper being transferred and I really didn’t want to deal with that. I want to be near my babies the entire time. The great news is Devan has an old customer from when she managed a Cigar Store that is a neonatal doctor there and after talking with him he promised us VIP treatment.

Devan’s best friend Brielle is coming over tonight to get the final touches of the baby shower in order. Tomorrow morning the two of them are going to be running around pretty much all day – getting the cribs, dresser, ordering the cakes & lunch meat platters, buying the alcohol & other beverages and all of the game prizes and props for the shower. I am bummed I can’t go but so grateful for Brielle and her willingness to help us with our baby shower. A lot of our friends are really pulling together to help us out and we are so happy. Thank you all for everything you have done and will do next Saturday, we love you!

Onto some more exciting news…we got the bedding fabric and Elliott’s carseat in the mail!! After the carpet is fully installed on Wednesday we can set their room up and have it ready to put all the stuff we get from the baby shower in it! I am overjoyed!!!!

10599430_10154713503615366_4929767895141311360_n 1903018_10154713503545366_6386380541214976345_n

Devan is going to make them blankies with the fabric and then we will be using solids to make the rest of their crib bedding, I am SO excited for the final product!! Those are some sick deer right? Perfect for the woodland theme we chose!

Yesterday morning I woke up to a Facebook message from a friend saying “gays can get married in AZ now” — I looked it up and sure as shit, the marriage ban was struck down by a judge – and furthermore there will be NO appeals. I went to bed single in the state of Arizona and woke up married – how great is that? I’m so glad that we got married in January in New Mexico otherwise we’d have to rush to a courthouse to get married now so Devan could be on the birth certificates. I actually spoke with a lawyer already and asked her what we needed to do to make sure Devan had legal rights and she told me that Arizona already has parent/parent birth certificates and that she thinks we should be able to just bring our marriage license to the hospital with us and Devan can sign it! How can it all of a sudden be THIS EASY?!! No complaints her, and perfect timing Arizona.

I suppose that is it for now, more updates to come next week and hopefully good ones about my test results!!

22 Weeks!

How far along? 22 Weeks

My babies are the size of: Spaghetti Squash
Net weight gain: A solid 5

Maternity clothes: You betcha! I love it!
Sleep: Guys, how do I make my hips stop hurting? I can deal with the peeing, but these hips – I can HEAR them grinding!!

Best Moment this week: Started the nursery, finishing it this weekend!!!!

Miss Anything: Beer!

Movement: Every day, I love every second of it.

Food Cravings: My friend Lisa made a pizza cookie (giant sugar cookie, cream cheese frosting, pineapple and cherries) it was fantastic, I’ve been dreaming of it since!

Anything making you queasy or sick: I’m feeling good!

Gender:  B&G

Labor Signs: I’ve been having Braxton hicks (not very often) not sure if that is a labor sign, but my docs don’t seem worried. I feel pressure, then feel my tummy and its rock hard for a minute and then goes back to squishy with hard spots where the babies are!

Happy or Moody most of the time: I am on cloud 9

Weekly Wisdom: Be happy!
Looking forward to: Finishing up the nursery this weekend!

HAPPY 22 WEEKS!! I am in a spectacular mood right now, we saw our perfect babies yesterday and they were doing amazing. Elliott, our little chunk, is already 1lb 2oz and Harper our dainty princess is an even 1lb. Each ultra sound gives me a level of excitement I can’t even put into words, our babies ARE COMING! They are healthy, and growing, and beautiful. The tech focused on all of their little organs this past ultra sound, specifically their hearts and they sound spectacular. I got to see their little kidneys and they’re the cutest kidneys I’ve ever seen in my life!! Elliott was a total ham, and was giving us shot after shot of his perfect face, Harper on the other hand, not so much! We got maybe 1 or 2 good shots of her. Our doctor came in and said she was more than happy about their progress and that they’re growing VERY well and that even though 24 weeks is considered viable, after they hit 1 pound they immediately have a chance of survival outside of the womb and the number only grows with time. I talked with her about our baby moon and how we are going to be in Disneyland for a day. She said to set my next appointment right before and they will check my cervix to make sure it is still 100% closed and long, and recommended that I use a wheel chair 90% of the time while we are there. I’m not excited about being in a wheel chair the entire time, BUT safety comes first and it is worth it to be with my amazing wife and great friends in Disneyland. I do feel bad for poor Devan – she gets to wheel around 200lbs of my glorious ass! But again, SO WORTH IT! We are HUGE Disney fans and when an opportunity to go with our favorite Disney buddies comes up we can’t say no to it! It really is perfect because Disneyland is EXPENSIVE and really not worth it to spend 150$ per ticket when I can only do so much, so instead we are joining them for the Halloween Party which gives us access to the entire park but the ticket is only $50!! Here are some pictures from the appointment: (Top 3 are Harper, all of the rest Elliott, the show off!)

IMG_2330 IMG_2331 IMG_2329

IMG_2328 IMG_2326 IMG_2325  IMG_2323 IMG_2322 IMG_2321 IMG_2320 IMG_2327

Aren’t they cute? I’m am SO EXCITED FOR THE NURSERY PLANNING!! We are doing a woodland theme, and Devan’s mom has already been ordering decals for the nursery! We have a clear picture in our head about how we want everything to look and I’m so excited we are actually starting the process!! We will be replacing baseboards & painting this weekend. Here is a lovely before picture of the nursery & some paint samples we have looked at so far, no decisions have been made yet. You also get a shot of our friend Michael, this was last night at like 9pm – him and Devan were up pretty late starting the process, its nice to have friends that will help you with the hard work, thanks Michael!


In the next few weeks we will be getting all of the flooring in our home replaced so there will be brand new carpet in there for the babies!

What is better than nursery planning? BABY SHOWER PLANNING!! Devan and I have been doing a lot of planning and have a place locked in. The place we checked out last week ended up not working out but we were able to find another community that I manage that has an EVEN better clubhouse. The space is beautiful…and we can serve alcohol. Mimosas anyone? The space will fit 200 guests, 100 indoors and 100 outdoors, the indoor/outdoor space have a lovely open concept so everyone will feel a nice flow — and the weather in late October is pretty nice in Arizona, 80 degrees maybe. It will be a great day.

IMG_2261 IMG_2262 IMG_2263 IMG_2264 IMG_2265 IMG_2266 IMG_2267

Lots of exciting things ahead, it will help the time fly by so that we can be in November/December and meet our beautiful babies. The day can’t come soon enough. I am feeling overwhelmed with happiness, my life is without complaint right now. I have a wonderful wife, two beautiful children on the way, great friends, great family and Devan and I are both working in jobs we are happy with. Life couldn’t get any better.

I almost forgot, 22 week belly shot!


Happy Friday, and enjoy your holiday weekend everyone!!!

❤ Ashley

21 Weeks

How far along? 21 Weeks

My babies are the size of: Carrot
Net weight gain: Still lingering in the 3-5lb weight gain, I fluctuate between the two.

Maternity clothes: Yes, and my wonderful friend Lisa saw a sale at Old Navy last week and not only bought me a pair of pants & two shirts (FOR UNDER 10$) but sent me over there and I was able to get 4 more shirts!
Sleep: Between peeing & the hips and just trying to get comfortable I’m not sleeping as well as I would like. I usually get a good solid 1-2 hours before I wake up and am up for 15-20 minutes peeing and trying to get comfortable again. Sometimes I just can’t fall back asleep and I’m up for over an hour, those are the worst nights.
Best Moment this week: Finding our baby shower venue!

Miss Anything: Beer!

Movement: I feel them every day, but I want them to move more haha!

Food Cravings: Nothing really this week…

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just having an empty stomach!

Gender:  B&G

Labor Signs: None, thank goodness, far too early for all that!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Definitely happy

Weekly Wisdom: Be happy with your pregnancy no matter where you are. The first trimester is terrifying but enjoy every second of it.
Looking forward to: Next scan on 9/5/14, planning the baby shower!

Happy Thursday Everyone! We’ve had a pretty busy week trying to figure out what to do for our baby shower and we finally found a place!! I work for a company that managers homeowners associations and one of the properties we manage has a BEAUTIFUL club house that they typically only rent out to homeowners. I e-mailed the community manager there and asked if they would make an exception since we work together and she said YES! Here is the clubhouse, how pretty is that?

 Devan and I are going to check it out today after work and if all goes well we are definitely going to do it there!! I am getting so excited to start planning, I really want to do a whale theme, but we haven’t decided on a theme yet. We are doing a woodland theme for our nursery so Devan suggested that we do that for the theme but I want to do something different!

Next Sunday our friend Michael will be visiting from Utah and he is helping us start the Nursery makeover! We are going to paint and get it started for these little lovelies; I am stoked to start getting everything ready for them! I cannot wait until they’re here, I just want to snuggle them in my arms!!

Today is sort of a weird day, a year ago I got inseminated and it was the cycle we got pregnant with Rohen. That damn time hop app is going to be rough going forward, lots of Rohen pictures coming up. I’m happy to be pregnant with our twins, but I miss him so much, I wish I could have all three of them.

Oh, I almost forgot, Arizona still sucks. I spoke with that lawyer I had a meeting with, and I’m glad I changed the appointment to be over the phone because she not only sounded like she had no idea what the hell she was talking about, but it turned out she had no idea what the hell she was talking about haha. She told us that we could use a loophole in the state of California. Apparently you don’t have to be a resident of California to adopt there, so she made it seem like Devan and I could go through the court systems in California, adopt the twins and then Arizona has to recognize it. WRONG. She was half right, we don’t have to be residents of California to adopt, but the child would then need to reside or be born in California for it to work. So, basically I’d need to change OB’s, schedule a C-Section and have the twins in California for it to work, or move there. What a crock of shit, Devan is my wife, and she is their Mom why is it so hard for the state of Arizona to get that through their head! We had a glimmer of hope after talking to her and our dreams were crushed as soon as I talked to an attorney in California. Hopefully the lawsuit pending here gets to court quick; I really want that chapter to be over. It seems like everywhere I look people are making racist or just purely ignorant comments. The Ferguson situation is all over the place, people are getting crazy about it and of course race is at play in a situation like this – it’s funny because you start to see people for their true colors, just a little FYI folks, if you are racist you can get the hell out of my life because I don’t have time in my life for narrow minded morons. Don’t even get me started on the ignorant comments Michelle Duggar made about the transgender community, that shit fires me up, I am just completely intolerant to intolerance. Moving on though, Devan starts school on Monday, should be exciting for her! One semester closer to being a nurse and my sugar mama!

 That is all I have for this week, and of course a belly shot for you all! PS – That is one of the shirts Lisa got me! Super cute!


Have a good rest of the week everyone!

Ashley ❤