Crazy week, blood work, and a big leap ahead!

Ok, so it’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve updated anyone on what has been going on. It’s been a busy week!

We will start with Thursday of last week. I went in to have some of my STD testing done. My doctor decided that she wanted to do a pap along with the Gonorrhea and Mycoplasma cultures just to knock everything out of the way and make sure I’m good to go. She wasn’t sure if I would be able to get my blood work done there because the specific lab codes are very obscure. She did some poking around for me and found out that almost all of my tests are “screening codes” and we could get away with drawing the blood on her orders so my insurance will cover it all! There was only one test that they couldn’t do, so I will have to get that one done with Dr. Nemiro.  Not too shabby! I went back on Friday morning to have my blood drawn.


Ok, so here is where shit gets crazy. I was driving around in Sun Lakes, seeing patients, when Ashley called me. She told me that she had just been laid off. She just started this new job 45 days previously, and we were so excited because of it. The company was a great one (so we thought) and the pay was really great. They had even brought in an expensive consultant on a Saturday and paid everyone overtime to come in and listen to him talk about sales tactics. As it turns out, the school was on probation, doing horribly financially and was forced to lay off 15 people that day. We were devastated. I spent a couple of hours crying between my patients, thinking about how unfair it was and how my dreams were once again being put on hold for things that I have no control over, and then I realized that I was just making it worse. I called Ashley and told her that I had decided to remain positive through this whole thing. I told her that sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves wasn’t going to do anything other than make us feel worse. It was a waste of time to think about what was lost. Long story short, within 48 business hours, Ashley had two great job offers (one of which, outside of the Education field, she accepted!) and a severance check that we didn’t need for our usual budget. It went straight to our savings/baby fund. We won’t even miss a paycheck.  What doesn’t get used for our fertility treatments will be money in the bank! There were definitely a couple of days of panic there, but we came though better off in the end.

Yesterday, Nicolas had a court date for his assault charge. Even though everyone agrees that the assault charge was bogus, the judge and PO decided that this was the perfect opportunity to throw the book at him and get him the help that he needs. He was arrested and will spend this weekend in jail. On Monday, CPS will pick him up from jail and interview him, then they will come here to the house to inspect it. Once the inspection is done, they will release him to us. The plan (and the court, CPS, and everyone in the family) knows that this is going to be a temporary arrangement, only until Nicolas and Traci are ready to live together again. We are feeling much more positive about this than we were last time, because Nicolas knows that we are his last option. If he fails his court ordered drug tests, does not attend his court ordered counseling or misbehaves at our home, CPS will send him to Canyon State Academy, a military style boy’s school. With that and more jail time hanging over his head, we are feeling good about how his attitude will be when he comes here. Of course, if things don’t go well, he will leave. Ashley and I talked about it, and if he is doing well we wouldn’t mind him being here indefinitely. I’m trying not to think too far into this or too far ahead, because we don’t know how he is going to be when he comes out of jail. I spent all day moving our old bed and bed frame down to his room and getting it cleaned and organized for when CPS comes on Monday. It’s actually a pretty sweet room! I can only hope that this goes well. No one seems to have faith in this kid, and I know that it’s hard to, but you have to do what you have to do for family.

So, after his court date, I got a call from my doctor telling me that all of my pap was normal and my cervical samples were negative. Just waiting for my blood work results. We should have them next week!

And here is the biggest news: I STARTED MY PERIOD TODAY! I called Dr. Nemiro today, and he said to come in Monday for an ultrasound and for a prescription for clomid. With clomid cycles, insemination occurs about 14 days after the start of the last period, and a pregnancy test is done about two weeks after that. So… we can assume that four weeks from today we will be finding out if we are pregnant or if we are going to do this all again. Fingers crossed for a pregnancy on the first try! 😀

Phew, what  a week… On top of all the stress, my last cigarette was at 10pm on Wednesday night. I’ve been cigarette free for 70.5 hours. I keep hearing people say that once you get through the third day, you’re good. I don’t know about that, but I sure hope so, because this shit sucks! While we were smoking our last cigarettes with Mommy Mom, Eddie, and Josh, I said “Now I have a reason to quit smoking.” Ashley said, “Like not getting cancer wasn’t a good enough reason?” My reply was, “Yeah, but now I’m not getting cancer… for my baby!” That’s the truth, too! I drive safer, I think more about all the things I put in my body… I got some prenatal vitamins today! I keep mentioning that change in worldview… and there it is again. I think of things for my baby before I think of them for myself… and I’ve been spending a shitload of time on Pinterest checking out newborn and pregnancy photography. I’m still doing lots of reading about natural birth and looking at my options for a midwife as opposed to an OB. There is still a lot to do, but we have time!

This is going to be a wild ride…