28 Weeks & Short Term Disability

How far along? 28 Weeks

My babies are the size of: Large Eggplant

Net weight gain:  4 1/2 lbs of the 10 lbs I lost gained back

Maternity clothes: Yes

Sleep: Waking up to pee, a lot. Still have hip pain 😦

Best Moment this week: Seeing the babies yesterday, and knowing we will be seeing them every week from now on.

Miss Anything: Beer and sleeping on my tummy!

Movement: Yes!

Food Cravings: Nothing really right now

Anything making you queasy or sick: Insane heartburn & the naseau has returned – not as bad as my first trimester but definitely back

Gender:  B&G

Labor Signs: Cervix is funneling, on mandatory bed rest for the time being.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, almost all the time!

Weekly Wisdom: Be happy!

Looking forward to: Seeing the babies next Tuesday!!!

We made it to 28 weeks, a huge milestone in pregnancy and I couldn’t be happier. We had an ultra sound yesterday and Harper is still measuring small and is below the 10th percentile for growth now (8.5%) so the weekly monitoring will continue, and at 30 weeks we will be going in twice a week. The good news is – she is continuing to grow, and she is not in distress which means for now she gets to stay put. She weighs around 2lbs1oz and is measuring 26w5d, Elliott is measuring 27w2d and weighs 2lbs8oz – this was taken while I was 27w6d. My cervix looks great, still funneling but bed rest is clearly working and it hasn’t gotten any worse. At this point it isn’t likely they’re going to come early due to pre-term labor, but because the doctors decide it is time to take them out. Because of Harper’s growth issues they are thinking between 32 & 34 weeks so we are going to have our babies in the next 4-6 weeks which is just absolutely insane to me! Our doctors goal is to get them out before they experience any distress! I cannot wait to meet them and am crossing my fingers they can make it to 34 weeks, but ultimately I am just glad we are past 28 weeks now and their survival rate is pretty much 100%.

Now onto the crappy news…I found out on Friday that a company wide policy was enforced that we could no longer do a certain job function from home – did I mention this is 80% of my job? At that point working from home was really not an option anymore and I told Devan that I was pretty sure they were going to let me go because my job would be impossible to get coverage for, for the next 5-6 months and since I haven’t been there a year I am not protected by FMLA. (PS – Arizona is a right to work state, they’re totally allowed to legally do this) Well I got the call today, and while it sucks I have to say I am grateful for how my company handled it. They started off saying that I can come back after the babies are born, and that they contacted disability and made sure I would have coverage and get payment the entire time I am unable to work before doing so. They actually haven’t given me a termination date yet because my HR representative wants to make sure I am 100% getting the short term disability. It could be worse, I was already expecting the 40% pay cut at this point, and I’m so happy that they took all of this into consideration and didn’t just fire me and leave me high and dry. We left on good terms and I am actually hoping a lot of my co-workers still come to the baby shower. This is actually not the worse thing that could happen, I told Devan when I got pregnant that I was interested in possibly looking for another job (possibly within my current company) the main reason being I currently work 30 miles away and have a 40 minute commute to and from work, I really don’t want to be that far from the baby sitters once I return to work in case the babies need anything. So, life could be worse right? I stress about money, we have a savings but I never anticipated having to start using it this early, so it makes me nervous. I’m beyond stressed about the baby shower because I haven’t gotten a lot of RSVPs (people stopped doing this, why?) so I don’t have an accurate idea of how much food to make. Being on a tighter budget it would be nice to know if I can expect 50 people or 100 people, it will make a difference financially. I know a bunch of people that are coming that haven’t RSVP’d but you never know what will happen until the actual event date. I think we are just going to bite the bullet and prepare food for 100 people and hope that the 80+ people that have said “OF COURSE WERE COMING” in the past 2 months actually show up. I’m so excited to share the babies with everyone, and am grateful for all of our friends and family and can’t wait to celebrate. It is going to be a fun day for sure. My landlord DID get the flooring situation figured out, and while he went with a chain store (home depot) which means he’s paying the same for just carpet replacement that I got quoted from a family referral for carpet AND tile, it is getting taken care of, so I am just going with it at this point. We realize we are not locked into this house – we don’t own it and we don’t have to stay here. We are going to get through the next few months and have these babies and get adjusted to life with two kids and at that point may reevaluate our living situation.

That is pretty much what is happening in our life right now…lots of changes coming up.

❤ Ashley


Updates and Changes

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to touch base with everyone and let you know that Devan and I have NOT stopped trying to conceive, we just took a break from blogging because of how hard the miscarriage was/is. We miscarried on IUI #2 and since have had 4 additional unsuccessful IUI’s.

At this point, clomid is not an option anymore, its clear that it isn’t working & more aggresive treatment will be required, like injections. Devan and I discussed this, and while it was not an easy decision to come to we’ve decided that Devan will be taking a break from trying to get pregnant, and I will be jumping on the horse to try. Devan has an iregular menstral cycle that usually last 40-43 days, where as mine is the normal 28 day cycle.  My theory is that because Devan’s eggs normally don’t mature until days 20-23, the clomid did nothing but force her body to mature quicker & therefore created dud eggs (which explains the miscarriage). I talked with our nurse, Lisa, about this yesterday and she said that its possible, but that we won’t have any answers until we try injections & possibly undergo some fertility testing on Devan. Injections & Fertility testing are very costly, it will run us at least $2500 on top of what we pay for the normal IUI cycles and its just not in our budget right now.

Last month, Devan’s work announced that her position as the House Mother was going to be going away and that she would now be a full time CNA floating between all three units with her Hospice. When we first heard this news, we were DEVASTATED. Devan was very happy in her position and enjoyed the flexibility it gave her. Now, with all the changes taking place, this new position is going to work out in Devan’s favor. One thing Devan sacraficed by attempting pregnancy first was Nursing School. We decided that she would put it off until she had the baby and then finish her degree. Now, not only can she get enrolled in school but she will have 2 full days during the work week to go to daytime classes. Once she has her degree, we will be ready to start talking about having more kids, and I think thats when she will finally get her dream of being pregnant.

The decision to switch to me was not an easy one, Devan was very upset about it, she feels that being pregnant will help her heal from the miscarriage, which is understandable. So, even though its hard, we’ve decided that focusing on the negative will do nothing but bring us down, instead were focusing on the positives.

We still have a chance to have a baby!!! One of the perks of having two uterus’ in a relationship LOL!

I called Dr. Nemiro Tuesday night and discussed all of this with him & went in to the office yesterday to get all the paperwork filled out & the labs for my bloodwork. I have an appointment in about 30 minutes to get my well woman check up & all the blood work I can through my primary doctor. Everything I can’t get done there I will do at Dr. Nemiro’s office or at Labcorp.

I have SO many emotions going through my head right now!!! I’m terrified & excited at the same time. I talked with Dr. Nemiro & told him my only concern with me having the baby is that I am overweight, he said that it doesn’t concern him & that if you are disciplined during your pregnancy you will only gain baby weight….lets see if that ACTUALLY happens!

I can’t even begin to tell you how blessed Devan & I feel, despite all of the hardships we’ve had to deal with on this journey. We have our families & friends and the staff at Arizona Center for Fertility Studies are truely amazing. When I went in yesterday I was sitting on the couch in the waiting room, and our nurse, Lisa came and sat next to me on the couch. She said “So, I hear were switching it up?” I said “Yep!” Her first question — “How is Devan”, just the fact that she asked about that shows me that she truely cares about our feelings throughout this process. She proceeded to spend 30+ minutes with me discussing bloodwork & all the options I have for my first attempt. I haven’t decided if I want to do it naturally or try clomid. Lisa suggests trying clomid becuase it is a cheap drug & with a normal cycle it should help.

That’s all I really have for you all right now…today is mine and Devan’s 7 year anniversary, so thats exciting 🙂

More updates to come!!!


– Ashley